Since the November 8 elections over 800 violent and/or hate crimes have been reported to the Department of Justice, with the number rising daily. We call on all people to reject the normalization of hate and bigotry, to renounce the campaign rhetoric that has fueled a hostile and psychologically harmful environment for the marginalized, and to stand with the most vulnerable in our society.

As people associated with Hood Theological Seminary—a school sponsored by the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, “the Freedom Church,” whose ethos is shaped by fighting for justice for all people—we affirm our commitment to act as responsible stewards of God’s good creation by working to make it a place of welcome and justice for the vulnerable, disadvantaged, and oppressed. We commit ourselves to the continued work of bearing faithful witness to God’s love, mercy, and justice and to the creation of an environment where no person lives in fear and all people are valued, treated justly, and protected.

Dora R. Mbuwayesango, Ph.D., Dean of Students & George E. Battle Professor of Old Testament
Regina Dancy, D.Min., Chief Financial Officer & Director of Human Resources
Mary Love, D.H.L., Adjunct Professor of Christian Education
Trevor Eppehimer, Ph.D., Academic Dean & Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Bradley Trick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of New Testament
Sharon Grant, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity
André Resner, Ph.D., Professor of Homiletics and Worship
Jessica Bellemer, M.S.L., Director of the Library
Kay Hines, M.Div., Assistant to the Academic Services and Professional Programs
Ken Walden, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counselling
Herb Rhedrick, D.Min., Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology
Patricia Commander, M.L.I.S, Writing Center Coordinator & Learning Commons Librarian
Carol Palmer, B. A., Director of Communication, Information and Publicity
Nancy Baker, M.T.S., Registrar
N. Fred Jordan, Jr., M.Div., Adjunct Professor of United Methodist Studies
Angela Davis-Baxter, M.Ed., Director of Financial Aid
Reginald Boyd, M.Div., Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Edna Coleman, Assistant to the Fiscal Office
John C. Everett, M.B.A., Institutional Advancement Officer

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